Roof Inspections

Roofs should be inspected after major storms or at least every six months. Particular attention should be paid to the flashings around the penetrations through the roof. Most all roof leaks occur at the flashings. The sharp bends can open up and need to be resealed. Also check the lap […] Read more »

Utah Roof Contractors Battle Snow and Ice

Utah has become world renown for having the Greatest Snow on Earth. It is not uncommon to get six to ten inches of snow in the valleys along the Wasatch Front and several feet of snow in higher elevations, from just one winter storm. Although it is great for skiing, […] Read more »

Membrane Roofing Options

Technology in the commercial roofing business has made many advances in the last fifty Years. The introduction of the single ply membranes has brought about the three main roof coverings for flat roofs, EPDM, PVC and TPO. Each of these products have pros and cons. We hope this article will […] Read more »