Roof Inspections

Roofs should be inspected after major storms or at least every six months. Particular attention should be paid to the flashings around the penetrations through the roof. Most all roof leaks occur at the flashings. The sharp bends can open up and need to be resealed. Also check the lap seams in the base flashings.

Often neglected but very important on the maintenance checklist, is to keep the roof drains free of debris. Clogged roof drains cause water to pond increasing the “dead load” weight. Some buildings may not be engineered to accommodate the extra weight. Often pooling water finds its way into a flashing seam and freezes, weakening the seam.

If you are selling a home, FHA lenders require a Roof Certification. Contact us for a Roof Certification. Our roof inspections and Roof Certifications are FHA approved.

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