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Oakley Roofing began as a roofing contractor 20 years ago, repairing and replacing commercial roofing in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Over the years we expanded our services to include residential roofing repair and replacement as well. Although we do install commercial roofing and residential roofing for new construction, roof replacement remains the core of our business.

Replacing an existing roof is very different from new construction and poses more challenges for the roofing contractor. Replacing a roof on a business or home with people coming and going, landscaping, parked vehicles and other property to protect while we do our work, requires considerably more logistics planning than new construction. We became one of Utah’s best local roofing companies for roof replacement because we are at home in this environment. We pay attention to details. We plan ahead for contingencies. We know how to get the job done safely and efficiently while minimizing the impact of our work on your business or daily life at home. Roof replacement is our forte’.

Advances in roofing technology over the past 10-15 years, has resulted in a new generation of roofing materials that are far superior to the roof you are about to replace. Selecting a roofing system for your building can be a bit overwhelming. Whether it is a commercial building or a home, there are more roofing options to choose from than ever before. So which roofing system is right for you? It depends on the type of roof you have, where you are located and environmental factors.

The environment in the state of Utah, presents challenges which are rather unique to the area and should be considered when choosing your roofing. Utah is prone to high wind gusts at certain times of the year which become especially fierce in the canyons. The UV rays from the sun are more intense at higher altitudes and in the summer can super heat your roofing. Salt Lake City is notorious for inversions in both summer and winter that trap and hold air pollutants close to the surface, causing chemical reactions which deteriorate the top layer of your roof.

We have repaired or replaced every type of roofing system installed in Utah, over the past 20 years. We know the strengths and weaknesses of these systems and are more qualified than most local roofing companies to walk you through the maze of roofing products on the market today. If you have a flat roof and are considering membrane roofing options: EPDM, TPO, or PVC, we can help you make an informed decision because we have been trained and certified by the manufacturers of these products. We know which membrane will perform best in your application. read more…

If you have a low sloping roof you may be trying to decide between membrane roof options or a metal roofing system for a more appealing look. We can help you decide which system will give you the best performance with the best look. We not only install
metal roofs, we bend our own metal on site or in our full service metal shop. Having our own metal shop allows us to provide you with individually customized orders in minutes rather than days or weeks. From Standing Scams, Low Profile Copper Roofs, custom made chimney caps, flashing etc. We have the equipment and skills for roofing Utah and we do it all. read more…

Pitched roofs accentuate the lines of a building and complete the overall curb appeal. Changing the style or color of shingles, slate, tile or metal can give your building a whole new look. With so many roofing materials, styles and colors to choose from it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

Roofing companies tend to specialize in only a few types of roofing because training and certification is so expensive. They may be qualified to install various types of shingles, slate and tile, but not qualified to install metal or membrane roofing. Therefore they can only offer you the roofing options they are qualified to install. We can offer you more options than most roofing companies because we are certified to install all of those roofing materials. Whether you want a slate and copper combination, shingles on your pitched sections and membrane on your flat, we are the only roofing contractor you will need.

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